Cancellations & Returns

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Cancellations & Returns

Should you wish to cancel your order, please refer to the following policies.

  • Cancellation before Delivery
  • Returns after Delivery
  • Other Service Issues

Cancellation before Delivery

Orders can generally be cancelled within 24 hours or as long as they have not been prepared for delivery by our retailer partners. Once you place your order, you will receive the contact information of service representatives that will help you with your order. To cancel your order, simply call a service representative, or, if you prefer, e-mail us at A full refund will promptly be made to your credit card. In some cases a restocking fee and delivery fees may apply if you cancel your order once it has been picked up for delivery.

Returns after Delivery is proud to offer quality furniture from our retail partners with great value to our customers. Merchandise received by customers in good condition is not returnable or cancelable and no refunds are available.

Other Service Issues

We do our best to make your delivery successful. However, sometimes issues arise that are beyond our control. Should you need service, please contact our retail partner Customer Service Team or Online Customer Support at (877) 636-9613 or email us at within 48 hours of delivery.