A Message to our Customers

We are writing to give you an update on how we at Leonfurniture are addressing the challenges of the novel coronavirus(COVID-19).

Leonfurniture has been committed to helping our customers create comfortable and welcoming homes for their families and friends, and we appreciate that you have trusted us throughout the years with this important part of your lives. We strive on a daily basis to offer high-quality merchandise at a great value and ensure that our sales and delivery processes are the best they can be. Our priority is the health and safety of our customers and associates.

We want you to continue to feel comfortable visiting Leonfurniture stores and accepting deliveries of our merchandise. So, here are some precautions we are enacting for our customers and associates:

SHOWROOMS AND DISTRIBUTION CENTERS We have increased the already frequent cleaning and disinfecting of all commonly touched surfaces, including door and drawer handles, bathrooms, computer terminals and sales tablets. We have also made cleaning products available throughout our showrooms for our associates and customers to use. We have trained our associates about additional sanitizing practices, and we have provided education on good hygiene, hand washing, social distancing, and staying home when sick. We also are asking all associates who are sick to avoid coming to work.

DELIVERIES Delivery crews have been asked to use disposable gloves, footwear covers, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes for each delivery. They will regularly clean commonly touched areas in their trucks, such as steering wheels, dashboards and door latches. We have reminded delivery crews, like our store associates, of good hygiene practices and to stay home if they are sick.

DOORWAY DELIVERY For those customers who would prefer not to have delivery crews enter their homes during this time, we are now offering “Doorway Delivery.” This gives you the option to have your merchandise dropped outside your home or in the first entry point of your home, including your garage.

The health and safety of our customers and associates are very important to us.


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